Need a Gold Buyer?

Are you looking to get top dollar for your treasured collection of gold coins? Perhaps you’ve inherited a gold family heirloom that isn’t quite your taste. Or maybe, you have a few “golden cobwebs” in the back of your jewelry box, made up of broken gold jewelry and/or gold designs you’ve simply outgrown. Why let these items that no longer serve you collect dust?

Montgomeryville’s Most Reputable Gold Buying Experts

Marks Jewelers has decades of experience buying, selling, and working with gold. It’s how we built our reputation as Montgomeryville’s most honest and trustworthy gold buyers. If you’re looking to receive maximum profit for selling your gold, Marks Jewelers is where you’ll want to sell.

We’re not interested in fast, cheap buys. We care more about creating and nurturing the relationships we value with our beloved customers. That’s why we’re always willing to pay top dollar for your items.

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We're always buying gold, including 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K and finer gold jewelry designs.If you have any of the following, we’re ready to buy it!

Gold Jewelry in Good Condition • Gold Coins • Broken Gold Jewelry • Dental Gold • Scrap Gold

5 Golden Things You Can Do with Your Earnings

1. Pay Your Bills: Pay off monthly bills or unanticipated expenses!

2. Save It for a Rainy Day: Put your money away to save for a special treat on a rainy day!

3. Invest It: Make your money work for you!

4. Donate It to Charity:Bless others with your earnings!

5. Buy Jewelry at Marks Jewelers: Use the money you receive from your old or unworn gold to buy a new jewelry design from Marks Jewelers you can wear and treasure for years to come.

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Let’s Get Your Gold SOLD!

Conveniently located on Bethlehem Pike, our gold buying experts are always ready and willing to assess your gold item(s) for purchase. Stop into our Montgomeryville jewelry
store to get top dollar for your gold today!

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