The purpose of a Jewelry Appraisal/Insurance Replacement Evaluation is to establish the average retail replacement value in most common and appropriate markets for the function of establishing a baseline for obtaining insurance coverage. When available, independent diamond grading reports or certificates may be quoted in insurance replacement evaluations and can be used to assist with determining current and future replacement values. Typically the amount provided in the evaluation is higher than the original purchase price because it is calculated to represent the future value of your item. Conversely, the retail replacement value represents the cost to replace the described item with a comparable item, as near as possible to the original, in the retail jewelry market. It is important to understand that while insurance companies charge a premium based on the appraised (future) value they reserve the right to supply a benefit at the retail replacement level. With any qualifying purchase over $800, Marks Jewelers will supply a complimentary Insurance Replacement Evaluation upon request.

We also offer an appraisal service for pieces not purchased here. Rates vary from the number of pieces being appraised or total time spent to complete the evaluation. Please contact us for more information.

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