Permanently Linked

Marks Permanently Linked™ Some bonds are forever.

Featuring custom-fitted bracelets and anklets WITHOUT clasps, our new Permanently Linked™ chains are flash welded on in just minutes.

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Getting Permanently Linked™ is a fun experience to share with a friend or loved one. Nothing conveys your bond quite like this!


Pick your chain
style and length

Each of our 14K Gold and Sterling Silver Permanently Linked™ chain styles are sold by the inch and are priced according to chains’ thickness and metal type.


Get Permanently
Linked™ at Marks!

Appointments are fun! The process takes about a half hour for 1-3 people, and a little longer for larger groups
(the more the merrier).

It’s an experience to share!

Mark a friendship, relationship, milestone, or simply treat yourself.

The shared experience is ideal for:

  • Best friends
  • Sisters & cousins
  • Mothers & daughters
  • Boyfriends
  • Girlfriends
  • Bridal parties
  • Ladies Nights
  • Teams & groups

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is permanent jewelry?

    Permanent jewelry is jewelry you don’t take off. Permanent jewelry most often comes in the form of a bracelet or anklet. Instead of a clasp, it has ends welded together, so you don’t take it off. Typically, the chains are dainty.

  • How long with my bracelet/anklet last?

    The solid gold used for these bracelets is durable and can last a lifetime. The bracelets are easily removed with scissors if need be.

  • What if my chain breaks – Can it be relinked?

    The process is essentially welding the two ends into one "claspless" permanent bracelet, so you can come in to have yours fused again if you choose to remove it or it breaks.

  • Can I add a charm if my bracelet is already fused?

    You can add charms to your bracelet after it is fused. We will simply cut the bracelet, add the charms, and fuse the bracelet again.

  • Does the fusing part hurt, and how long does it last?

    No, the process of permanent jewelry does not hurt and only takes a few seconds. Once the bracelet is fused, it’s permanently attached to the wearer's wrist.

  • Is there an age minimum for Permanently Linked fusing?

    The minimum welding age is 5. Children must be able to sit calmly and still in a chair. Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian present.

  • Do I need to make an appointment?

    Appointments are typically for 2-3 people. The number of pieces fused per person is not limited.

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