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One of the oldest and time-honored trades is that of the craftsman-jeweler who has the ability to create and repair beautiful jewelry. With over 150 years of combined jewelry repair experience, Marks Jewelers will gladly repair your broken jewelry items with expert skill.

Delicate hand woven items such as pearls and intricate beading are usually complete within one week. With the addition of new laser technology, previously impossible repairs are made easy in a fraction on the time and at a fraction of the price. Even your favorite piece of costume jewelry may very well be repaired! It is important to note that nearly all jewelry is repaired on our premises and does not get shipped out to a third party. There is no better way to ensure the quality of work done than to manage it in-house. In many cases, with an appointment, you can watch the repair before your very eyes.


At Marks Jewelers, we understand that jewelry repair requires just as much dedication and devotion to craft as creating stunning new pieces does. Fortunately, we're not your commonplace jewelry store. Our skilled craftspeople treat your heirlooms and beloved accessories like they were our own, and we've spent more than a century honing our skills. Why should you have to put aside your jewelry or the cherished traditions it represents? We can help you restore a classic piece to the same luster that originally captured your ancestor's eye. Worried about whether your well-worn wedding band will survive the next few decades of daily abuse? Our experts love shoring up jewelry pieces so that their owners have something worth passing on.

It doesn't matter whether you're hesitant to part with a piece of costume jewelry or you'd like to breathe new life into an irreplaceably important memory. Visiting the Marks Jewelers team is your best option. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the typical jewelry store experience. In addition to applying time-honored techniques that return pieces to their original glory while preserving their appearance, we specialize in providing rapid services from within our own premises. No other jewelry repair provider in Pennsylvania is as capable as we are, and only we have the in-house experience and technological know-how to minimize the amount of time you spend parted from your most beloved possessions.


Every piece of jewelry is unique. Yours is the result of long hours of toil, singular artistic inspiration and your own precious memories. The Marks jewelry repair service lets you treat your heirloom, costume or fashion jewelry to the masterwork restorations it deserves. Stop by our Montgomeryville, PA, jewelry store to discover more as you see raw artistry unfold before your very eyes.

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