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Rhodium Spa Package

Why your jewelry needs Marks Jewelers’ Spa Treatment

Ok ladies, even though it’s not the greatest idea to sleep, shower, swim, cook and clean in our jewelry, we still do. Does your jewelry still have remnants of the suntan lotion you used on the beach last summer? Did your rings miraculously lose their sparkle after baking cookies from scratch with your kids? Do you style and spray your hair with your earrings in your ears? Did your last gardening experience change the color of the gemstone in your ring? Finally, do you leave your jewelry on when moisturizing your hands? We all do these things, and that is why Marks Jewelers created The Spa Treatment.

The Marks Jewelers Spa Treatment is a fast and affordable way to rejuvenate your jewelry from all of the above. A Spa Treatment includes:

  • A deep sonic bath for your precious jewelry
  • A full inspection of your prongs and precious gems
  • A complete polish and rhodium to restore your ring’s original white sheen

What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a platinum family metal that is used worldwide to coat white gold. White gold is an alloy of yellow gold and white alloy and has a tobacco like hue. Rhodium plating is a standard process which coats a temporary layer of Rhodium over top of a metal usually, but not exclusively, white gold. Over time, the acidity in an individual’s skin will wear away the rhodium. This deterioration is gradual and takes anywhere from several months to several years to occur.

If worn daily, your jewelry should be cleaned and checked regularly. Incidental impacts can cause scratches, prongs to bend and twist out of shape, and worst of all breaks and gemstone loss. Marks Jewelers suggests six month intervals for cleanings and inspections at a minimum. If it has been years since your rings have been cleaned or inspected take advantage of our discounted Rhodium/Spa Package, during our annual Remounting Event.

Normally Rhodium plating costs $48.00. Now during Marks Jewelers Annual Remount Event, you can get the Rhodium/Spa Package of THREE rhodium/spa treatments for just $99.95. Rhodium Spa Package Applies to Rings Only.


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